001 / Shield Sweater/Poncho
001 / Shield Sweater/Poncho
001 / Shield Sweater/Poncho

001 / Shield Sweater/Poncho

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Hand knitted Alpaca & Wool blend sweater/poncho. Fixed with ribbed cuffs. 


This piece was handknitted entirely in Vienna, Austria with a very soft and special Alpaca & Wool blend yarn from Italy. Due to the absence of lanolin in Alpaca, it doesn't shrink, and the Wool mix gives it a thermal power. Despite its voluminous appearance, it's very light. The garment is incredibly soft, gives a cloud-like feeling, and can be worn directly on skin. 


Material: 44% Alpaca, 44% Wool, 12% Polyamide

Size Guide: One size

Care Info: These instructions and recommendations apply to most of the yarns, and especially for your precious handmade item.

  • Hand-wash your garment in cold water and mild soap (you can special Wool wash detergents)
  • Do not ever rub the garment
  • Do not wring, but wrap the garment in a towel
  • Lay the garment horizontally, far from direct heat sources, let self dry

Custom orders can be made in different colours and sizes. Please email to hellonotyet@gmail.com