Info & Care


Only cold hand-wash your knits and dry flat on a cloth. Try to wash your knitted garments as few as possible and hand-wash when it's only really necessary. Knits should never be tumble dried.

Pilling will occur in time as a natural cause. Gently use a razor on your hand knits, but a pilling machine will also do.

Hand knits tend to stretch when hung, the best way to keep them is to fold and wrap with a paper/cloth. If your knitted garment is stretched, you can give them a cold hand-wash and they will get back in shape.


Once your knit is shipped, it should arrive from 7 to 10 days. NotYet is not a fast-fashion label. Each piece is handmade and therefore the making process takes longer than fabricated mass production. It can take up to 6 weeks for each piece to be knitted. Please be aware of this before ordering.

Unfortunately at this moment I cannot offer any refunds. So please choose carefully. I am happy to assist you and answer all questions to help you decide. Please send your questions to

Inquiries & Commissions
For custom requests, inquiries and commissions please send an email to 

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