002 / Spikes Vest
002 / Spikes Vest
002 / Spikes Vest
002 / Spikes Vest

002 / Spikes Vest

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Hand knitted Alpaca & Wool blend vest with different patterns front & back. Relaxed fit with funnel neck and bold shoulders. Spikes Vest can be worn both directions you choose, both sides offer different patterns.


This piece was handknitted entirely in Vienna, Austria with a very soft and special Alpaca & Wool blend yarn from Italy. Due to the absence of lanolin in Alpaca, it doesn't shrink, and the Wool mix gives it a thermal power. Despite its voluminous appearance it's very light. The garment is incredibly soft, gives a cloud-like feeling, and can be worn directly on skin. 


Material: 44% Alpaca, 44% Wool, 12% Polyamide

Size Guide: One size

Care Info: These instructions and recommendations apply to most of the yarns, and especially for your precious handmade item.

  • Hand-wash your garment in cold water and mild soap (you can special Wool wash detergents)
  • Do not ever rub the garment
  • Do not wring, but wrap the garment in a towel
  • Lay the garment horizontally, far from direct heat sources, let self dry

Custom orders can be made in different colours and sizes. Please email to hellonotyet@gmail.com